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Hiking the SuAsCo Watershed
Exploring the Woods and Waters of the Sudbury, Assabet and Concord Rivers
Guidebook text and photographs by Jill Phelps Kern

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Hiking the SuAsCo Watershed is the only comprehensive guidebook for exploring the woods and waters of the Sudbury, Assabet and Concord Rivers. Author and photographer Jill Phelps Kern provides hikers, walkers and nature enthusiasts with many opportunities to enjoy and appreciate the natural beauty of this unique watershed area. A total of thirty hikes are outlined here; together they represent a variety of scenery, terrain and hiking challenges. Each hike description includes detailed maps, trail directions, photographs, and inspired commentary. Whether you're an experienced day-hiker, a casual walker with children, or a nature lover who simply seeks the peace of the outdoors, this guidebook offers everything you need to know to start exploring this area.

Jill Phelps Kern has been hiking in Massachusetts for over twenty years, and she is a volunteer hike leader for local conservation groups. She is also an active contributor to a Sudbury Valley Trustees project to map the trails in the SuAsCo watershed. In 2003 she wrote the Stow Trail Guide.

What the Reviewers are saying:

"This book takes us to places where the trails await us; it provides the maps and guidance for rambling within the natural beauty of our region. For the. great places that aren't easy to find, Jill Phelps Kern's scouting reports give us access, and her infectious enthusiasm alerts us to their riches. Both her guidance and her zeal are expressed with a clarity and compactness that make her work all the more welcome. For years to come, this will surely be the book most likely to be carried by our regions's hikers."
Ron McAdow, Executive Director
Sudbury Valley Trustees

"Residents, friends, and visitors will find this guidebook a wonderful aid to enjoying life in our region. The photos associated with each hike are inviting, the maps provide excellent perspective, and the enthusiastic descriptions are precise, clear, and enjoyable. Author Jill Phelps Kern has captured an important vision of life in New England."
John Beusch, President
Stow Conservation Trust

Paperback - 160 pages (2004)
New England Cartographics ; ISBN: -1889787116 ; Dimensions (in inches): 6 x 9

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